Questions you may have about our Church

Who's welcome at Boronia Community Church of Christ?

We welcome ALL people to our community, just as Jesus did.  Our Mission statement that we live out is "Together with God, Extending Love to ALL" We believe that God loved the world so much that he gave his only son, Jesus, so whoever believes in Him will be saved (John 3:16) so we make room for all who are asking questions about faith, or who believe.

Which service would suit me?
Wednesday Night Formation


Wednesday night church service is designed to be a tutorial style worship service that suits young adults and those who appreciate interactive learning.

Weekly we worship together, share the Communion, and experience an interactive teaching time.


Connection Service


Connection service is an all ages worship service which specifically creates opportunities for children to worship alongside their families and community.


We centre around Jesus Christ, worshipping him, remembering his sacrifice in Communion, and learning his wisdom for our lives and mission.

Chapel Service


Our Chapel service is a traditional service, which reflects worship from the past and present, centres on the Lord’s Table, and enjoys biblical teaching for life and faith. 

Our children have an age specific learning time, which begins half way through the service, and our leaders are trained, child Safe and Safe Church registered

Contact Us
59 Boronia Road 
Boronia Vic 3155
643 Mountain Hwy
Bayswater Vic 3153


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9:00am -12 noon

03 9762 1277

We really appreciate your feedback and questions!

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Boronia Community
Church of Christ
What to expect when I arrive?

Expect a warm welcome from our Hosts as you walk into the foyer, they will help you find your place and introduce you to some people.   If you have children, our hosts will introduce you to one of our Hub Clubs leaders.

What to wear?

We are an informal community that believes church should be enjoyed and not endured, so just wear casual clothes.

What about my kids?

We run Hub Clubs (Sunday School) in both our Sunday Services, during our sermon time.

Chapel worship is a more formal worship space, during our Connection Worship, we encourage our Kids to worship freely with us, engaging with our community. 
We understand that children don't like to sit for long periods of time, so we ensure we have songs they can move to, including at least one song designed for children to understand and learn from.  If you're comfortable with your children moving around quietly during our worship time, we're happy for them to do so.

We break for coffee after our worship time, before entering our age engaging learning spaces.  We run Hub Clubs (Sunday School) for children from walkers through to approx.14 year olds during this time.  Hub Clubs run every week (including school holidays)

Disability Access

We have disability access through all of our buildings with wide door access to all our community spaces and a ramp for regular wheelchairs between levels or the option of entering through another external door if you're in a bigger chair.  

Church Oversight

Boronia and Bayswater Community Church of Christ is overseen by our member-elected Church Board. 

Our current 2021/22 members are:

  • Kay King - Joint Chair

  • Josh Alexander - Deputy Chair

  • David Deith - Church Administrator

  • Graeme Bergmeier - Financial Administrator

  • David White

  • Jeanette Hodges

  • Max Allsop

  • Gill Van Der Ende

  • Peter Willmot

  • Rachel Opie

  • Dennis Kimberley