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A safe, accepting and open environment for all children to be who they are, to make friends and to have fun!  The leaders strive to provide the same example to kids that is found in Jesus.

Most nights are spent at the church doing a range of activities such as building blanket forts, mini Olympics, science and electronic games. We also have one out night each term (swimming, rollerskating, jump-deck, indoor play centres, etc) and even sleepovers at church!
Every second week at KidsQuest we spend part of the night in small groups. This is a chance for the kids to chat with a small group of kids their age about life and faith in a way that is engaging for them.

At KidsQuest we have a team of leaders who are adaptive, flexible and happy to engage and care for kids from all walks of life.

All our leaders are child-safe trained and love engaging with children in a nurturing and caring way. We also ensure all leaders over 18 years of age hold a valid Working With Children Check registered to our Church.

Thursday 5:00pm - 6:30pm  
@ Boronia Community
Church of Christ
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2 - 7 years old
@ Boronia Community

Church of Christ

Jellybeans is for children that are 2 - 7 years old. Jellybeans is a fun, active and free space for younger kids. We do a wide range of activities from games, to cooking to creating. 

Big Kids
8 - 12 years old
@ Boronia Community

Church of Christ
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Big Kids is for 8 to 12 year olds. This group is designed to engage older kids with activities that are fun, creative and energetic. Big Kids strives to create an environment where kids are free to be kids. We do a wide range of activities that allow the kids to interact with each other, to explore and adventure.

Contact Us
59 Boronia Road 
Boronia Vic 3155
643 Mountains Hwy
Bayswater Vic 3153


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9:00am -12 noon

03 9762 1277

We really appreciate your feedback and questions!

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